How to Make Free Phone Call Online – VoIP Telephony

Nowadays most people can easily access the Internet at affordable prices. The Internet basically can transmit data, audio, and video to any user across the globe. Therefore, people can online search for any information, listen to music, or play games and watch video clips.

Utilizing audio/voice functions over the Internet such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is getting more popular for everyone online. Actually, we can make free phone calls over the Internet. The VoIP Telephony Technology is well developed by major industry players such as Cisco, Avaya… and voice quality is much improved if we compare it to 3-5 years ago. A large business has already benefited from those developments.

If you are the one not yet experienced this phenomenon communication revolution, I think you better try it right now. It may cost you nothing or very low but you will get an alternative way to make phone calls to your friends, family members, and colleagues. To set up a VoIP phone call online also is very simple which just like you set up your email account on your computer plus with speaker and microphone or headphone-set ready.

There are four types of connection method that you can try it at the moment

1. PC-to-PC calls:

– It is FREE service for calls between subscribers within same VoIP network

– Popular providers:


MSN Messenger

Yahoo Messenger …

2. Traditional Phone-to-PC calls:

– Some providers supply you with a free area virtual phone number for income calls which transfer from VoIP ID to virtual phone number (looks like a traditional local phone number)

– Popular providers:

StanaPhone with a free New York virtual phone number for income calls to your PC

IPKall with a free Washington state virtual phone number for income calls and it have to work conjunction with FWD VoIP network and X-Lite SoftPhone

3. PC-to-Traditional Phone calls:

– You will pay a low cost for phone calls to a normal phone number around the world

– Popular providers:



Skype …

4. Phone-to-Phone calls:

– You need to subscribe to one of the service plans with a provider after you set up your phone to connect to the provider’s VoIP network then you will make phone calls just as you are using the normal phone now.

– Popular providers:


DialPad (now is part of Yahoo)


If you are interested to make free phone calls online, please give it a try I believe you will get a whole lot of exciting to play with it. Remember for most providers PC-to-PC calls within the same VoIP network are free of charge. Hoping you will have a great experience with VoIP technology. Good luck and enjoy it.