How VoIP Phone Call Works?

For years you’ve sent written messages via the Internet using email. Now you can do the same thing with your voice messages – VoIP to make free online calls.

VoIP technology converts your voice into data so you can place and receive calls over your high-speed cable or DSL connection. You simply plug your computer, Cable or DSL Modem, and your standard household telephone into the Adapter (ATA) — it’s that easy. You’ll use your phone the exact same way.

The best part this If the person you are calling is with a shared VoIP Network, your calls to them will be absolutely free – regardless of if you are in New York, London or Sydney.

Free Internet Phone Call Tips and Tricks

Replace your primary PSTN phone line?

VoIP is a good replacement for your second phone line, but it’s not yet as reliable as PSTN. So, you can keep your primary phone line or at least a cell phone that you’ll have a working phone for emergencies and for when VoIP is not working – such as electricity blackout.

VoIP SoftPhone

Software VoIP is a good for getting started or for testing, but hardware VoIP is much more reliable, and that is what you really need an IP phone or a Wi-Fi PDA

Make sure your DSL Router do work with VoIP

Many problems that seem to be VoIP problems are actually DSL Router/Modem problems. It has found several times that a mysterious VoIP problem will go away when just switch Routers. In general, a cheap home Router (with a simple NAT) is probably going to be better for VoIP than a fancy Router with a symmetric NAT and firewall.