IP Phone, Wi-Fi PDA and ATA Adapter

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IP Phone

An IP phone is a phone that is designed to work using Internet Protocol. It looks and operates just like a normal phone, other than the cost savings you make. It even need not turn on your computer.

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ATA Adapter

If you are using a normal analog telephone, you will need an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) by placing it behind your normal telephone, you can continue using your existing cordless phone to make VOIP calls over your broadband connection.

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Using your wireless device (PDA or Pocket PC) you can have mobility whilst still accessing cheap VoIP phone calls via wireless (Wi-Fi) HotSpots around the world.

Free Internet Phone Call


By download a free VoIP compatible SoftPhone, you are able to make calls from your computer to other computers or standard telephones. To do this, you just need to know the other party’s phone number or IP Phone number.               

Free Internet Phone Call

USB IP Phone

A USB IP Phone is a device that looks like a cell phone that plugs into your computer USB port. When your computer turns on with an Internet connection then you can make a phone calls like a standard telephone.  

 x-lite pc to phone


This is a piece of software that is loaded onto your computer or another computing device – PDA. It enables you to connect to your VoIP service provider in order for you to make free calls. There are many types of softphones that are available FREE for download.