Search Engines: Three Little-Known Search Engines

The censorship of web searches is increasing. Plus, your search behavior can tell a lot about you personally, which is why safe, privacy-protected search engines are increasingly in demand.

With the rise of censorship and tracking, alternatives to Google and Yandex are becoming more and more interesting for users. We will tell you about three unrestricted search engines that do not collect personal information about you, but, on the contrary, protect your privacy.

Startpage: the world’s most discrete search engine calls itself “the world’s most discrete search engine.” Since 2016, the service has been merged with the Ixquick website. As proof of the security of its search, positions itself as the only search engine to have an EU privacy certificate. promises not to store users’ IP addresses and, according to the service, does not use cookies for tracking. Additionally, is accessible from the Tor network. The search engine servers are located in the Netherlands.

The site has a convenient feature: the search results can be viewed using the “Proxy” option, which encrypts the connection to the corresponding web page using a proxy server. Thus, it is a real search engine without restrictions: you can safely browse what your provider is blocking.

Search proxies are the main feature of Startpage, which makes it an uncensored search engine. If you need to search without blocking, this service is for you.

DuckDuckGo: an anonymous search engine from the USA

DuckDuckGo is the most widely used secure Google alternative with over ten million queries per day. Although the search engine servers are in the US, does offer some interesting features.

If you search through, your IP address will not be saved. The system also does not use tracking cookies. DuckDuckGo uses HTTPS encryption. You can also enter a query into the search engine through the Tor network. In addition, you can use various themes to customize the display of the search page.

You cannot open sites through a proxy here. But given that the system is outside the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, for example, the “right to be forgotten” in the sense in which we understand it does not apply to it. The search results may not be perfect, but they are still quite useful.

The right to be forgotten: DuckDuckGo finds sites with compromising evidence, blocked in the Russian Federation. Google – news only
This service is more suitable for those who primarily value anonymity and search without tracking. Or those who want to find information excluded from search results in the Russian Federation. However, be warned: in Russia DuckDuckGo has become a Yandex partner, so you can expect everything.

notEvil: Internet search that doesn’t exist

The notEvil search engine allows you to search from the Internet using the Tor anonymous network. You do not need to install any additional software for this (although you will need it in order to open the search results).

This search engine allows you to search on the so-called darknet – that part of the Internet that is usually inaccessible to the average user. Due to blocking, useful services are gradually moving into it, for example, for downloading content.

Most web search engines on Tor shamelessly make money from ads: you get results from Tor, plus a handful of advertisements and tracking as a gift. notEvil basically does not do this. It is clear that we are not talking about IP tracking and the use of cookies at all.

notEvil: helps you find things in Tor that may not exist on the Internet
The site is useful for those who want to get acquainted with the contents of the invisible Internet; hardcore anonymity guaranteed. By the way, we recommend that you bookmark the link right away – URLs in the “Tor-to-web” category are very unfriendly to remember.

All three search engines do not register your IP address and do not use tracking cookies. Encryption using HTTPS is provided by all named providers.

The best search results in the test were shown by the search engine DuckDuckGo, and you will get guaranteed safety when choosing an alternative search engine with the system. The EU Data Protection Certification confirms that a search engine is sticking to its promises of search anonymity. For searching on the darknet, in turn, notEvil is useful.

Other Industrial search engines as a safe alternative to Google

What about industrial search? Sometimes there is a need to find some special unique component, industrial part, rotary sensor or encoder. Here one can use search engine specialized in mechanical engineering, special directories, listings as an alternative to search like Google or others.

Some of these directories are: